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Warm and friendly, people are drawn to your magnetic personality. Tigers are made for love.

Why Sofia Richie Is Not on Vacation With Her Boyfriend Scott Disick and His Ex Kourtney Kardashian

Bold as you are, the thought of loneliness makes you buckle at the knees. However, a relationship that's too stolid and stodgy will make you restless and give you a roving eye. Chinese astrology: The Tiger Now you've discovered your Chinese astrology sign is Tiger , read about what this says about your character and relationships and find out what has in store Character: You're a dynamic, extroverted creature, born with a sense of adventure and an inability to pass up a challenge.

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In love: Tigers are made for love. I recall it being 26 or 27 and the fact that Kourtney is older is implied. I also do not believe that Scott is a Virgo, but rather a Gemini.

Scott Disick “CAN’T STAND” Kourtney Kardashian Getting BACK With Younes Bendjima!

The Gemini persona fits him to a T! I do know that celebs often give out incorrect birth data to protect themselves, so this may be the case.

21 Celeb Breakups That Astrology Predicted

Actually, the concept that Virgos and Geminis do not get along is incorrect; I have seen many cases where both signs harmonized together — some even were in relationships. Also, Virgo and Pisces also get along — depending upon other aspects in both charts.

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  • I know several examples where a Pisces is married to a Virgo and vice verse. It has always puzzled me, because I also felt that these two signs would not get along together …..

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    But this hook-up is not the best for Gem, as Cappy can not only puzzle and bewilder Gemini with their bouts of depression, but can throw a wet blanket or their ideas and inspirations. Cappy is so sombre, practical, methodical and responsible …. However, they would also be a great control factor for Gem, and would keep their feet planted squarely on the ground. I think it is a good match for them both …. Again, this just MHO.

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