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So, if you need some time to yourself, it's all good; your Virgo friend understands. But, just remember, if you're squad now, you're squad for life. Generally, Virgos are known for being a little harsh. But, hey, it's all a product of their practical mindsets. If you ask them a question, you'll get a straight answer.

Virgo Personality: 15 Surprising Facts About The Fascinating Virgo Zodiac

There will be no fluff or beating around the bush. Plus, think of it this way: Every good thing they say about you is completely truthful and genuine. As known perfectionists, Virgos often strive to make sure everything is on point. Plus, one of their main goals in life is helping out the people they love.

They make ace party planners. Will they go down the diva path a little bit if everything's not coming together?

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Well, maybe. But it's out of love. They love helping out their friends, but they might love analyzing things just a touch more. Seriously, if you're in a pickle, leave it to a Virgo to look over the finer points until he or she can find you an answer. Even if you don't find a solution, at least you'll feel better knowing your Virgo friend is completely in your corner refer to point one.


Virgos are super analytical and observant, which is great. But they're also naturally judgmental, which, you know, doesn't seem all that great.

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They're careful with the people they let into their lives, and guess what? They can sniff out a bad egg from 50 miles away. On the inside, however, a Virgo is often full of billions of thoughts and emotions, but his or her exterior remains cool and collected. They'll remember your favorite color, clothing brand and time of day, and somehow make it all come together for a fun birthday surprise. They'll remember your favorite ice cream flavor and treat you to it when you're sad.

They'll remember exactly how you like your coffee and bring it to you if you have a hard day ahead. As they are one of the most determined zodiac signs, you can pretty much count on your Virgo friends to get everything done. You guys have a project you need to work on? He is also a very good communicator, as befits a sign ruled by the God of Messages.

Virgo Facts - Virgo Traits and Qualities

The Virgo man is prone to studying every situation in great detail. He is interested in understanding — well, everything and everyone. His goal is perfectionism, in himself, first, then his work, then the others around him, and finally the world. He has very discriminating tastes and neatness is an ongoing priority for him. Virgoans are associated with Earth, and most Virgo men are grounded and practical. He is a sensible sort, with a tendency to worry overly much. The Virgo man seeks perfection and the game of love is his pet project when it comes to chasing ideals.

He is not flighty, or inconstant. A Virgoan will only fall in love after he has applied his mind to the situation at hand, exploring all the pros and cons, all the cracks, flaws, and strengths of an emotional investment. His practical and sensible nature fails to understand the romance in candlelit dinners and spontaneous weekend trips overseas.

Not a bad exchange, really.

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In a relationship, the Virgo man is faithful, thoughtful, and loves to help. He is partial to stability and predictability, and will be home helping you set the table, balance the finances, and throw a ball around with the children on weekends. He strives to be the perfect partner in a relationship and he is capable, kind, and loyal. He is easygoing and relaxed in relationships, and is not high maintenance. All the details will have been thought of beforehand and addressed. The act itself will go through smoothly, but what of passion and animal lust?

The Virgo man often surprises his lovers. Yes, he can be a little puritanical, at least until you unlock the hidden passions that lie within. His element is Earth, so a certain raunchy aspect of this otherwise strait-laced sign is to be expected. He is demanding in bed and his attention to detail translates to a man who is a competent and skilled lover.

Opposites often attract the Virgo man, and he is fascinated by the wild and wanton in others, traits that he often feels are repressed in himself.

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He is generally considered most compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer. See also Sun sign compatibility.

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However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs. For example, how do your Venus signs compare? Find out Venus signs here. Discover Venus sign compatibility here. Overly analytical and rarely satisfied with the way things are, the Virgo man is often his own worst enemy when it comes to enjoying life and relationships. Although practical navy blue and conservative grays are favored colors of the Virgo man, he has exceptionally good taste and his stylishly sophisticated wardrobe attests to that.

The Virgo man is meticulous when it comes to his appearance, so you can expect some battles with his partner for bathroom time. It will be a rare occasion when you find this gentleman having a bad hair day, unshaven, or dressed in sloppy clothing. He finds it difficult to let anyone get emotionally close to him, so making new friends and committing to a relationship is sometimes a problem.

Extremely discriminating, the Virgo man is particular when it comes to choosing a companion and his partner.

Virgo Sign Traits Overview

Some Virgo men should learn to lighten up and realize that not all discussions have to be dominated by facts, figures, and profound words of advice — he would do well to put a little small talk into his conversations. Virgo men make fabulous friends who are always there when needed. This gentleman enjoys bringing pleasure to his companion, so when he asks what you like, he really wants to know. As modest and conservative as he may be, the Virgo man can be quite surprising when it comes to pleasing his partner.