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Such a pleasure being apart of the Astrological series representing my sign Aries. This is just a seek peek. Energetic, Turbulent, Childlike. Leo is all done! Let me introduce Ms Pisces, the most sympathetic representative of the zodiac. For they are the moments when something new has entered into us, something unknown; our feelings grow mute in shy perplexity, everything in us withdraws, a stillness comes, and the new, which no one knows, stands in the midst of it and is silent.

The chakras are not just one color. That is just the very beginning. Each one is a complex portal of communication between our dense and subtle bodies. Full of messages from cosmos to organ and organ to cosmos. We are all condensed light and made of stars and spirit. More to come about art shows. Making maps for practice at Thursday evening class. Woodstock lovehiveyoga pm ———————————————— joyheartwellness movementisfreedom asanas prayer makeyourself avessel dawn sunrise yoga prayer constellations watercolorartist pdxhealth chakras colorheals candlelight prisms lovemylovehive rilke rainermariarilke letterstoayoungpoet youneverknowwhatmagicwillhappennext lightonthislife - 1 year ago.

Leo - The Lion July 23 - August 22 Dimensions: 30cm by 30cm The zodiac signs and meanings of Leo is about expanse, power and exuberance. Leo's are natural born leaders, and they will let you know it as they have a tendency to be high-minded and vocal about their opinions. Leo's have a savvy way of analysing a situation and executing swift judgment with a beneficial outcome. It comes from being a leader.

They are brave, intuitive, and also head-strong and wilful. Beneath their dynamic persona lies a generous, loving, sensitive nature that they do not easily share with others. They might be a bit bossy, but those who know them understand this comes from a source need to do good, not usually from an inflated ego. Please DM for further inquiries and price. Despite the decrease in the average stay by 0. The occupation, situated at. Regarding the issuing markets, Spanish tourism maintains a ver y positive evolution, with an increase of In the analysis of the main tourist areas, the data of the Receptive Tourism Statistics register positive data for both the north, with 9.

Firefighters had to rescue her because of the difficult location. She was treated at the scene for a moderate head injury before being taken on to hospital. Local police helped in the incident. The capital is undertaking a campaign of plantation in its five districts prior to the founding festivities of the city.

In all, 50, flowers are being planted in its gardens. This initiative, as is traditional at this time of year, corresponds to the first weeks of spring, in which the vegetable ornaments embellish and enhance the green areas during the period prior to the development of events scheduled for the Holidays of May. AVE you ever wanted to work or live in a lighthouse? You can get a taste of both, thanks to the opening of a unique hotel, the first of its kind in the Canary Islands and only the second in Spain.

The historic lighthouse, Faro Cumplida on La Palma has been in operation for years and continues with its nautical functions, even though paying guests can now stay in the converted accommodation below. If they walk up stairs to the top of the ft tower, they can enjoy incredible views over the Atlantic as the lighthouse beam shines more than 26 miles in front of them.

It was the first lighthouse in Spain to use an LED lens. The real lighthouse keeper comes in every fortnight to check the technology. The project has taken three years to come to fruition and is the brainchild of Berlinbased Floatel GmbH, founded by Tim Wittenbecher and Marc Nagel, which operates several other hideaways in spectacular places. One of their most recent innovations is the floating harbour crane in Hamburg. The La Palma lighthouse offers three luxury suites, all with fantastic views over the Atlantic, and can accommodate eight guests in total.

It is even possible to hire out the entire lighthouse in July or August for euros a day. After three days, the survivors spotted the light of Faro Punta Cumplida and reached the coast of Barlovento, where the people of the town took the The twister lasted for at least seven minutes and forced several holiday planes to make a diversion. Pilots were put on the alert by air traffic controllers who blamed the phenomenon on torrential rain in Spain The tornado, which was visible across the south of the island, hit Palm Mar, about five miles from the main airport.

Air traffic controllers confirmed on their Twitter site that several other aircraft were told to divert until the tornado had burnt itself out. Several planes made slight detours in approach. There were no reports of the tornado having caused any injuries or damage. It will completely review the existing one, which is more than 25 years old, a time in which the population and activity of the municipality has more than doubled.

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The meeting took place in the Cultural Centre of Los Cristianos. This vitally important document for Arona will lay the foundations of development and modernisation for the coming years and will solve important urbanistic problems that the municipality has suffered for decades. A municipality that has. We have started the first working meetings, which will be followed by a transparent and participatory process, in which residents will be consulted about their priorities and what the Arona is like for the next years.

The Governing Council agreed to take out the tender for the renovation of Calle Blanco for the sum of , euros. This project, whose financing is assumed by the Cabildo and Puerto council through the Strategy Agreement together with the Autonomous Govern-. Ingram, Nieves Ravelo and Blanco. In addition, the Council approved the project to analyse and define the necessary actions that will improve the drainage of rainwater throughout the historic centre of the tourist city, which also includes the execution of a new collection point for the flow at the pier.

The planned investment for the realisation of these works, which will be undertaken mainly in Valois Street, Plaza del Charco and Santo Domingo, amounts to , euros financed entirely by the Cabildo. In the afternoon the Magna Procession of the Holy. Burial will take place.

The complete programme of the Holy Week of the tourist city will be available in all the parishes and churches of the municipality, as well as in the website of the City Council, www. The investigation began after police received a complaint relating to a finca located in Aldea Blanca. Several pieces of wood allegedly coming from the African continent and South America are also being tested.

San Juan de la Rambla council says the area offers a different kind of landscape across a number of approved trails such as the Fuente del Bardo - Fuente del Rey, the Barranco Ruiz which joins La Vera with La Rambla descending through the back of the ravine or the jewel in the crown, the path that joins La Rambla with Las Aguas, which receives an average of visitors daily.

OLICE have been investigating the violent death of a wheelchair-bound homeless man who was strangled and then set on fire. At one stage, a year-old Spaniard and an Irish woman, aged 50, were arrested in Gran Canaria where all three lived. The Spanish man, originally from Turkey, was remanded in custody whilst the Irish woman was released. An update on the status of this case has not yet been given. He was found strangled. Police say he was wellknown in the area as he frequently approached tourists to beg for money and alcohol. He was always surrounded by dirt, food and debris and lived in filthy conditions, often using the street as a toilet.

Police searched the home of the two people who were originally arrested and several items of clothing which they are alleged to have worn on January 11th taken away. He came originally from Timisoara, bordering Hungar y and Serbia Police say they have been working hard over the last two months to piece together evidence and gather witness accounts and possible CCTV footage.

Some of the evidence was destroyed by the fire. Forensic experts believe the accelerator used was alcohol. An extinguisher was also used to put out the fire which has further complicated matters. A resident of Tijoco Alto raised the alarm when he saw several individuals attempting to break into his house. When they realised they had been spotted, they made their escape in a Seat Ibiza but were detected by police. The car failed to stop and was driven away at speed towards the coast. It was here that officers lost sight of the car. The besotted boyfriend caused mayhem in Alicante and held up commuters for more than two hours before police gave the all-clear.

The suspicious package triggered the terrorist attack protocol and caused the rail traffic to be cut off for two hours, causing delays of minutes on a long-distance train and seven local services, with a total of affected passengers. The police bomb disposal team was called in and eventually determined it was a false alarm as the bag contained the fresh pineapple, scooped out and with a socalled love spell inside.

This consisted of nails, pins, coffee. In addition, the pineapple also contained two pieces of paper: one with the name of the former girlfriend. He said he was fond of the occult and had searched on the internet how to make a love spell, choosing the pineapple idea. The man has since appeared in court for public disorder. A Laguna has asked the Government of the Canary Islands to install an air quality control and monitoring unit in the vicinity of Tenerife North Airport - La Laguna city. The authority wants to ensure adherence to environmental laws due to the concern being generated among the residents of San Lazaro and Camino La Villa over the installation of an asphalt plant at the airport.

After listening to their fears on this situation, both the mayor and the council asked the regional executive to install a control station for air. Similarly, both the mayor and councillor committed to continue mediating with the Government of the Canary Islands and other relevant institutions, such as AENA, so that they continue to comply with environmental laws as long as the work lasts.

Completion is scheduled for the month of May but hopefully sooner as the council intends to put pressure on the airport authority. However, the council has stressed it has no competence in this matter, and noted that, according to current legislation, the works executed by AENA of new construction, repair and conservation carried out in the field of the airport and its service area will not be subject to municipal preventive control actions. HE National Police have arrested a yearold man, with a police record, for robbery with violence or intimidation in La Laguna, two of robbery and another of threats committed in Santa Cruz.

The events that led to his initial arrest occurred in a bar in La Laguna. A staff member was opening up when he was approached by a person with his face covered, almost completely, with a black stocking. Suddenly, this person took out a knife that was hidden and intimidated the employee demanding he handed over the cash register. The victim grabbed an object to defend himself, afraid that he would be attacked with the knife with which he was being intimidated.

The would-be thief then ran away. Police later arrested the suspect in Santa Cruz where he had also approached people who were withdrawing money from an ATM, pushing them to the floor and stealing the cash. RONA council is continuing with the process of replacing the old lighting fixtures of the municipality, which has allowed, among other measures, to reduce the electricity consumption by the public services of the corporation, equivalent to almost 50 tons of oil in the last three years.

The last of these actions, which has been developed in the gardens next to the preferred bus stop of Los Cristianos, has consisted of the replacement of the old points of light and the installation of new ones. In total, 21 lights have been replaced and another 30 new ones have been installed, with an increase in consumption of just watts, thanks to the use of low consumption LED technology. These works, as small as they may seem, are very important to improve the quality of life of citizens, especially in school or sports environments that did not have lighting and now have it and through which hundreds of children and children pass daily.

The programme began on March 23rd but continues until Friday, April 12th. On Saturday, April 6th at 8. For Wednesday, April 10th at the same time and in the same place, the students of the Classroom of Ancient Music of the Conservatory of Music of the Canary Islands will offer a concert. And on the next day,. Tickets can be purchased at a price of 15 euros in the same spaces where the auditions are held. They can also be booked by email: mail reyesbartlet.

Giving quality of rest is giving quality of life! Orthopedic fitness mattresses, slatted base, bunk beds, foldaway beds, sofa beds, etc Quality, recognised branded furniture from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Specialised in large sized beds and bed linen. Free delivery and installation of beds and furniture in Tenerife. We can also deliver to other islands and can take your old bed away upon request.

RONA continues with the process of progressive recovery of public space on the coast of Los Cristianos, specifically in the area of Los Tarajales. In the coming weeks, it will proceed to the demolition of the Casa de los Bethencourt. This property was becoming a health hazard and was denounced by residents and businesses of the area.

It also prevented access to the sea. The intention of the Town Hall of Arona is to recover the whole of the public space of the coast of the municipality. In Los Cristianos, this involves the complete modernisation of the Los Tarajales promenade, the recovery of the beach that was once in that. The demolition of the Casa los Bethencourt will not only free the public space of the coast but will allow the reform of the park that is annexed in the upper area and create a direct access to the sea. What they are really doing, however, is to pickpocket their victim.

On this occasion the theft happened in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria when the yearold tourist had a gold pendant of great value removed from her neck without her knowing. Fortunately, she was able to give police such a good description that the man was arrested when he arrived in Tenerife on board a ferry. During a travel event in Barcelona, the local council presented details of the XVII World Championship of Video and Underwater Photography, which will take place in Las Galletas from September 17th to 22nd, in the hands of the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities, all within the framework of the new tourism strategy of the municipality, which involves putting both the sustainability and its natural resources into value.

It is hoped to attract 35 teams from several countries to the Marina del Sur. In photography, the competitors will compete in the categories of Fish, Close Up, Thematic, Wide Angle without Diver and Wide Angle with Diver, applying the general regulation of underwater. That is why we are grateful to the Spanish Federation for choosing us as the venue for this important international event, which fits perfectly into our strategy of valuing the precious natural resources we have.

Our objectives are also to promote tourism, giving visualisation to the areas for the practice of diving and, thanks to the images obtained, to sensitise the population about the need to protect our natural heritage. OUR people have been arrested for selling hashish and cocaine in several towns in the south of Tenerife. The investigation began in mid, when the Civil Guard received information related to an organised group dedicated to the sale of hashish and cocaine in several buildings. Thanks to the surveillance, it was found that the members of the gang had spread their net further to other areas in the south.

The agents confirmed that the people investigated received visits from consumers in their homes throughout the day. If they were planning to be away for a few days, they would leave a third party in charge of the cocaine and hashish sales. During raids, police seized 12, euros in cash, almost grams of cocaine, 1, grams of hashish, a kilo of cut product, utensils for distribution of the drug, simulated firearms and four vehicles, some of them high-end.

The emergency services were called out just before 10am following a report of the incident in Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina. The woman was walking in the area when the accident happened. She also suffered a hip injury and was treated at the scene before being taken on to hospital. This edition arrives loaded with new features such as its extension to the esplanade of the dock of the tourist city and the performance of the famous Canarian group Efecto Pasillo. The island outfit hailed nationally and internationally will perform at Gastromusic Tenerife on Saturday, April 27th and tickets can already be purchased in advance through the website www.

This year also for the first time there will be a VIP area near the stage with modern facilities for 45 euros, which includes the entrance and six refreshments three food and three drinks in a food truck exclusively for this space with capacity for only people.

That day will also see the fourth edition of Sabores del Norte Junior, a cooking contest dedicated to youngsters; in addition to activities such as the Regional Contest for the Best Canary Hamburger or interesting tastings of wine and craft beers. And, at 11pm, the Canarian group Efecto Pasillo will take the stage to offer an awaited concert in which they will perform the.

Puerto honours Lots going on! There will be others during the year, but unfortunately the Easter Eggs and the Hot Cross buns will not be available! OR one more year, the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism of Puerto de la Cruz CIT has presented gold, silver and bronze medals 35, 25 and 15 years to the regular tourists to Puerto de la Cruz who choose the venue every year as their holiday destination. The event was also attended by other directors of the CIT and the directors of the hotels that have presented their awardwinning regulars in their establishments.

Afonso paid tribute to the most faithful tourists of the municipality, who year after year choose Puerto de la Cruz to enjoy their vacations. He praised the hospitality and good treatment that they receive both from the hotel sector and from Puerto people.


A total of 27 medals were handed out to the regular customers of these hotel establishments. The events took place after a passer-by reported that two men were trying to access the interior of a cafeteria in the municipality of Garachico. When a patrol car arrived, the suspects drove off at speed. Shortly afterwards, police were able locate the vehicle and found a man hiding in the back of it. Under the passenger seat was a hydraulic jack, in addition to various tools, two mobile phones, one owned by the detainee and another by a second man who had ran off.

Again, many thanks to Brian and Cheryl and their band of helpers for their sterling work in collecting donated goods and selling them on to their many customers. As usual the time is 1. On Tuesday May 21st there will be one of our most popular lunches at the Restaurant Petit Los Angeles, also as is customary at 1. The inclusive price for this meal is 17 euros for members.

The cost to members is 19 euros, and the usual time of 1. Come along and join us! To book for these events, or for further information, please contact Maureen on or Jean on 38 48 You can also follow us on Facebook.

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Raul is a husky cross who has been at the refuge patiently waiting for his special day when someone will adopt him for eight years now to no avail. We really hope he finds a loving home. We are always looking for people to walk the dogs in the refuge during our below opening hours. Please do come and visit us if you are interested in walking the dogs in our care. Please do call the refuge on or between the hours of 8am -5pm.

If you can help in any way we are always in need of tinned dog food for our older dogs, blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, and collars and leads. We are situated directly under the Eolica Parque exit 52 on the TF1 north bound which is after the after the El Medano junction. Head for the giant windmills on the coast and we are the buildings on the right hand side or email the refuge at teneriffa aktiontier.

It all begins a week before Easter Day with Palm Sunday, the day when we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and being greeted as a king.

On that day people waved palm branches in front of him in greeting and put their cloaks on the road for the animal to walk on. Palm Sunday is rich in meaning. Nowadays most churches distribute palm crosses to their congregations — simple crosses made out of palm leaves, now often imported from countries in the developing world.

Some churches take the opportunity for an outdoor procession, complete with donkey. The donkey is itself an important symbol. Riding on a donkey was a sign of his coming in peace. When I was a curate in Oxford, several of the city centre churches were anxious to procure a donkey for their Palm Sunday processions. Unfortunately in that part of the world donkeys are in short supply and the nearest donkey sanctuary was around 20 miles away.

Nonetheless, I was confident as curates tend to be that I had sourced a donkey, only to find, just before the big day, that a neighbouring vicar had snaffled it. It was with a certain sense of Schadenfreude that we woke up on Palm Sunday morning to heavy rain. In my last parish things seemed more promising, as there was a field with two donkeys right next to the church.

Unfortunately one refused to come without the other and they were in any case too wayward to take part in any kind of procession. Nonetheless it was always good to see them in their field, not least because both of them had the distinctive markings of a cross on their back, which folklore attributes to the story of Palm Sunday when Jesus came on a donkey to the city where he would be crucified.

For I also had my hour; One far fierce hour and sweet: There was a shout about my ears, And palms before my feet. But if you would like to come to our morning services on 14 April, you can most certainly have a palm cross. Our services: Holy Communion on Sundays at 9. N April 12th at 8. The association of support for people with functional diversity and their families organises this event to thank the people involved in the project and raise new funds to expand their services.

To buy your ticket, go to the Cultural Centre of Guia de Isora. Donations are also being invited from people who would like to show their backing but are unable to attend. The kennels had been cleaned, our dogs were fed and walked and they were starting to settle for the night. The front gate then opened, and this young couple came in with a small dog. She was introduced to me as Scrappy. She automatically tugged at my heart strings. Due to personal circumstances, this young couple had to surrender Scrappy to K9, and there was tears all around when the realisation hit that they were leaving her.

It was a very tough decision for them. When they left, we settled Scrappy into one of our kennels and of course this little girl was very confused and a bit fearful. She was defensive and barked and growled at first. She had no idea why she was suddenly left at K9. The next day, one of our volunteers took her for a walk and her personality began to shine brightly. Scrappy is a terrier mix and is 10 years old. She currently shares a kennel with 3 other dogs who are all a lot younger than her.

Although she is 10, she still runs and acts like a young dog and has so much love and affection for us all at K9. She is still a bit weary of new people and needs people to take their time with her, but once she knows you, the love she gives you, is priceless.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Music - G

She is a joy to walk on and off lead, as she stays right by your side and is always waiting for a chance to be cuddled and made a fuss of. The younger dogs she shares with at the moment are all very sweet, but their excitement and energy can sometimes push Scrappy to the side, as it can be a bit too much for her.

She is looking for her forever home and she would make the perfect companion. She is a little bit fearful of children so ideally a child free house would suit her best. Give Scrappy a chance and we can promise you will not be disappointed. Her cuddles fill you with so much joy and if you take the time to get to know her, she will be your best and forever friend! Come and meet this little beauty at K9. She needs her forever home. She loves humans and all human contact, which unfortunately she lacks at the refuge with so many other dogs competing for attention. She is around 5 years old and would be a lovely companion for somebody.

If you would like to adopt Queenie you can visit her at the refuge. Call Rachel on Lanzarote council says it is totally out of keeping for the island which was the first tourist destination in the world to gain a sustainable award from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. It is also part. Other turrets on the island have also been painted in the same colour scheme in recent months and it is feared there could be more to come,.

What a pity.

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HE rate of tuberculosis in the Canary Islands is six cases per , inhabitants, the second lowest in Spain. It was historically an endemic disease in the Canary Islands, whose incidence has been gradually decreasing since , when it was Figures were released by health chiefs on the occasion of the celebration of World TB Day, celebrated every year on March 24 because it was on this date that Dr. Robert Koch detected the tubercle bacillus in This was the first step towards diagnosis and cure of the disease.

Tuberculosis has historically been an endemic disease in the Canary Islands with a presence in all the islands. The evolution registered since , in which a rate of By age groups, it is observed that the group of 65 and over is the one with the highest rate of involvement in both men and both sexes as a whole. The consultation will end in June. The plan revolves around four themes. Includes the approach of habits and lifestyles for the improvement in overweight and obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, toxic consumption; the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies; the improvement or maintenance of vaccination rates; and the strengthening of environmental health and food security.

Addresses the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the Canary Islands cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, COPD, mental health , as well as patient safety.

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The plan will try to better integrate the services offered by the SCS and is a strong commitment to intersectoral coordination at all levels where possible. The police investigations uncovered a series of crimes of fraud of contributions and benefits and of falsification of documents, 21 people being imputed.

It was also possible to recover the amount of 84, The main author of these illegal acts was arrested in Oviedo hours before taking a. A number of companies were found to be fictitious and could not provide invoices or give details of any customers or suppliers since the end of Their alleged workers obtained various benefits illegally, such as residence permits and unemployment.

One of them hit a year-old man of Finnish origin who had been swimming. He suffered a severe head injury. Medics rushed to the scene and gave him treatment before he was taken by ambulance to the Roca Clinic. Local police also attended. Three people were arrested, including a woman who participated in the process of capturing her own daughter. Two victims were released. The investigation began after a woman managed to contact the police. She said she had been forced to work as a prostitute on public roads in order to pay a debt that had been imposed on her for bringing her to Spain from Nigeria, which amounted to 20, euros.

Women captured by the gang, often poor, were given a false promise of a better life in Europe, and forced to pay a debt imposed and not report anything to the police. After the capture phase, they were provided with fraudulent documentation. One of the victims explained that they tried to transfer them by air with a passport and a visa issued by the Greek authorities on behalf of a third person. For this reason, she was transferred again by land from that country to Libya, to then try to cross from the African continent to Europe in a zodiactype vessel. On this occasion,.

In the operation carried out in Spain, two raids were carried out in private homes, achieving the arrest of three people. The investigators have intervened diverse documentation related to the researched activities, such as accounts of the benefits generated by the women who exercised prostitution, as well as passports and permits. With the implementation of this plan, the National Police activated the telephone line 10 50 90 and the mail trata policia.

The challenge maintains the course set in its roadmap towards its conversion into the only trail running event in the Canary Islands and of the few in Spain, which has the ISO Sustainable Event Certification. Its objectives are to reduce the consumption of materials and pollution, as happened in , thanks to the reduction in the consumption of plastic materials betting on compostable and biodegradable materials such as glasses made of recycled cellulose and a derivative of corn starch, sugar cane or covered with cr ystallized corn starch, substitution of the usual material in advertising media, tarpaulins, beacon tapes, etc.

Another action is the reuse of materials such as, for example, polyethylene tarpaulins from previous editions that have been used to make custom bags and equipment. In this way, a double function is fulfilled since in addition to environmental care, the test maintains its commitment to the social and labour insertion of people in social exclusion or at risk of suffering it. In addition, all supplies, outlets and goals, will have a selective separation containers so that all participants,. At the same time, these wastes will be collected and transported selectively to the complex for later recovery and recycling within a collection system designed in collaboration with the La Palma Consortium of Services and the different town halls.

The use of public transport to attend the key points of the test, both for public and for. HE head of a cannabis association close to several schools in Arrecife in Lanzarote has been arrested accused of selling drugs to anyone, including minors. Agents of the National Police and local officers carried out the operation, in which 3, grams and 18 marijuana plants, 45 grams of hashish and 2, euros were seized. The investigation was prompted by an anonymous tip-off about what was happening inside the premises of the association.

Police verified that the property was being by numerous adults and minors to buy and consume narcotic substances. The year-old woman with no criminal record is accused of a crime against public health. In addition, the Transvulcania remains firm within the Plastic Free campaign designed by Naviera Armas, main sponsor of the test, whose action seeks to eliminate the use of plastics for single use in all its ships, maritime terminals and offices.

The emergency happened in calle San Juan de Dios in the late afternoon. The emergency control centre received several calls to report the fire and that people inside needed help. Medics treated all four occupants at the scene but only one, a year-old woman, had to be taken to hospital suffering from mild smoke inhalation. The archipelago is the second autonomous community with the highest proportion of dependents who do not receive any benefit, with This is only exceeded by Catalonia, with Cantabria is also the community that spends more by dependent, 8, euros, followed by the Basque Country 8, euros , while Andalusia and Murcia are in the bottom of the list, with 5, euros and 5, euros respectively.

According to the report, Andalusia and Murcia would be the best communities to be recognised as a dependent, with more than double the chances of obtaining this recognition in the Valencian Community or the Canary Islands. On March 18th, the crew, stationed in Senegal, organised a patrol flight through the southern area of Dakar to the mouth of the Saloum River. During the patrol, several. The victim, who came from Belgium, was riding a motorcycle which was involved in a collision with a car. The Canary Emergency Service attended together with the local police and a fire crew.

On their arrival, medics found the injured man was in cardiorespiratory arrest and transferred him in a medical ambulance to the Health Centre of Los Llanos de Aridane where he died. The agents landed in the vicinity to check the contents of the bales, which were wrapped in several layers of plastic similar to those used in packing suitcases.

Inside was a species of dry grass that turned out to be marijuana. On August 24th, , a memorandum of collaboration was signed between the governments of Spain and Senegal for the implementation of joint patrols within the framework of the fight against clandestine emigration by sea through the FRONTEX.

In view of the positive results obtained and the need to continue to maintain the achievements, this collaboration has been extended annually and thanks to this has contributed significantly to reduce irregular migration flows between the coasts of West Africa and the countries of the European Union. The close collaboration between the two countries has expanded to include not only the area of irregular migration, but also humanitarian assistance, the fight against trafficking in narcotic drugs, smuggling, tax crimes, environmental pollution, illegal fishing, among others.

Security to Mercadona to replace be stepped all plastic bags in up on famous rolling programme Camino. The protocol aims to achieve higher levels of safety and protection in the Camino. In addition, it aims to provide the shelters with greater control tools without diminishing the essence and uniqueness of the shelter and accommodation system.

The expansion began in February in Catalonia, Madrid and Navarra and will be expanded to reach more than 1, stores in the middle of next April. In addition, the company has installed a new piece of equipment in the fresh sections, a dispensing system that reduces the waste of the same. The replacement mechanism is easier and more intuitive than the previous one, facilitating this task to the worker of the section.

Also, it is expected that these bags will be replaced by others of compostable material before In addition, Mercadona collaborates with more than soup kitchens and 60 food banks and other social entities throughout Spain, to which it donates daily food, and participates in food collection campaigns. It also works with more than 28 foundations and occupational centres in the decoration of its stores with murals, made by more than 1, people with intellectual disabilities. Company accountancy at our office or yours. Settlement of taxes IRPF, societies, non-residents.

Company constitution: mercantile register. Representation of any kind of employment. Tax and accounting inspection. Settlement of estates inheritance tax. Procedures for the transfer of vehicles. Contracts for renting houses, business premises, etc… Insurances: car, home, etc…. The investigation began in late , following a complaint filed by the Premier League for an alleged crime against intellectual property carried out by a website based in Malaga, offering IPTV subscriptions with access to a multitude of international conditional access channels.

After the denunciation, the National Police agents verified the great extent of the illicit activity offering services to IPTV subscriptions that allowed access to the viewing of more than television channels. The price of subscriptions varied not only by the type of subscription, but by the time of subscription to it and ranged from 40 euros per month to The agents also noticed that the website reported had associated several profiles on social networks, promoting their services to obtain more customers. Despite the fact that the business owners were Spanish companies, payment of the subscriptions had to be made to a Gibraltarian company.

As a result of the police investigations and the progress of the investigation, it was found there was a web structure coordinated by a specialised international criminal organisation with ramifications in Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, Latvia, the Netherlands and Cyprus. People might mistake this as your indifference. When the May 18th zodiac Taurus born individuals fall in love, it is usually with their all.

Before that happens, their partner will have to be loyal and considerate. Loyalty is the main ingredient when mixing up the love potion for those born on this day. Although slow to give and slow to love, you will still put in efforts to retain a good relationship with a partner of your choosing. This Taurean can be bored easily, so a spontaneous partner will make life much easier. You love it when your partner is seductive, affectionate and hands on.

The May 18 zodiac analysis predicts that those born on this day make career choices based on its autonomy. As a child, you knew what you wanted to be and have worked to achieve success. Opportunities are many as you are diversified. This quality affords you the privilege of being able to choose your job. Many of you are capable of being your boss. These forecasts also incorporate Numerology and Personal Year Numbers.

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