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Monthly Horoscope. Zodiac Planner. I Ching. Introduction to Astrology. Personalized Reading. Daily Personalized Horoscope. Self Analysis. Nine Star Ki. Update Membership. Mar 21 - Apr 19 aries. Apr 20 - May 20 taurus. May 21 - June 20 gemini. Their metal is silver. The part of the body they rule is the stomach.

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Their stones are moonstone and pearl, their color is white. They work in 7-year cycles and their peak years are 28, 49 and Their lucky numbers are 2 and 7 and their lucky day is Monday. The Moon rules Taurus and the sign opposite is Capricorn. Cancer is the most likely sign to nurture. They are sensitive, emotional and extremely protective.

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This loving sign is fearful of ridicule and their shy and vulnerable nature often misinterpreted by others. They will express a nonchalant attitude, when nothing could be further from the way they actually feel. Cancers are complex individuals. They have mood swings, which are directly linked to the movement of the Moon. Best known for their capacity to remember, they are diplomatic, bright and grand masters at the art of passive persuasion. Cancers need to be the center of attention when it comes to their family and friends.

They are highly aggressive if they think that someone may be trying to upset their universe. Their strong need for domestic stability will force them to do whatever is necessary to maintain what they have. If you mess with a Crab prepare to be pinched. They have a tendency to clasp their tummy and often tuck their thumbs into their palms.

Leo is a fire sign. Their metal is gold.

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The part of the body they rule is the heart. Their stone a diamond, their best color is amber.

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They work in year cycles and their peak years are 20, 43 and Their lucky number is 1and their lucky day is Sunday. The Sun rules this sign, their polar opposite is Aquarius. Dignified and dramatic, they push their bold colorful personalities into the limelight whenever possible. They are so full of grandiose ideas and enthusiasm that they tend to mesmerize those lacking their overpowering, flamboyant nature.

Truly the kings and queens of the zodiac, they love to be adorned with beautiful possessions. Easily affected by exterior influences, they will rise to any opposition and stifle it before it gets out of hand. They are the rulers and will never back down from a challenge that might infringe on their position. Not likely to hide their feelings, you will always know where you stand with them. They are cat-like — they wet their lips and eat daintily. Extravagant and a fun-loving attitude can be their downfall.

Virgo is an earth sign. The part of the body they rule is the intestines. Their stone is a topaz and their best colors are navy, gray and mustard. They work in 8-year cycles and their peak years are 25, 30 and Mercury rules Virgo and the sign opposite is Pisces. They are efficient and practical in their approach to every facet of life.

Known perfectionists, they can be highly critical of not only themselves but also of everyone they meet. They have a high regard for work and duty and a tendency to excessive worrying, fretting and overworking.

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These individuals admire those who get ahead financially. They are fond of good food and comfort, but usually keep a close tab on nutrition and diet.

They will pick at small things with their fingers if they are under stress. This sign is usually neat, clean, fussy and prim. Libra is an air sign. The part of the body they rule is the kidneys. Their stone is a turquoise, and their best colors are pink and blue.

They work in 7-year cycles and their peak years are 24, 36 and The planet Venus rules this sign and their polar opposite is Aries.

Libra is the sign most likely to maintain equilibrium. They possess an intuitive intelligence that gives them a sophisticated, charming nature that most other signs find to be either irresistible or intimidating. This sign is noted for charm, grace, sophistication, cooperation, justice, fair play, indecisiveness and intuitive intelligence. These individuals are concerned with the present. They can give of themselves but generally they get back more. Scorpio is a water sign.

The part of the body they rule is the sexual organs. Their stone is a bloodstone and their color is crimson. They work in 3-year cycles and their peak years are 27, 36 and Their ruling planets are Mars and Pluto and the sign opposite is Taurus. Scorpio is the sign most likely to finish things. They have such strong convictions and determination coupled with stamina and they will see any matter through to the bitter end regardless of the consequences or obstacles. They tend to overwork, seek perfection and they despise weakness in themselves or others.

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  • They are generous and compassionate, will fight for the underdog and are relentlessly strict about the truth. Scorpions are highly secretive and extremely intuitive. Their eyes are penetrating and magnetic. They make loyal friends or vehement enemies. They go to great lengths to be inconspicuous. Sagittarius is a fire sign. Their metal is tin. The parts of the body they rule are the hips and thighs. Their stone is an amethyst and their best colors violet and purple. They work in 6-year cycles and their peak years are 19, 30 and Their lucky number is 3 and their lucky day is Thursday.

    Jupiter is their ruling planet and their polar opposite is Gemini. Sagittarius is the sign most likely to achieve. They are honest, straightforward, energetic, fun loving, and easy-going.

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    They have a habit of taking on too much and acting too fast in situations that are ambiguous. Sagittarians are independent, diplomatic and excellent when it comes to trouble-shooting. They love to buy themselves the latest gadgets, but they can be tight-fisted with others. They usually land on their feet when it comes to financial matters.

    Their mannerisms are horse like from head tossing when upset to restless movement of their feet when bored. Capricorn is an earth sign. Their metal is lead. The part of the body they rule is the knees. Their stone is a black pearl and their best colors are black and brown. They work in year cycles and their peak years are 27, 45 and Their lucky number is 8 and their lucky day is Saturday. The planet Saturn is their ruler and the sign opposite is Cancer.

    Capricorns are most likely to get what they want. The relentless persistence they exude can push anyone to the point of giving in. They have a strong desire to be somebody, to make their mark and most of all, to be remembered. They are precise and calculating. They leave no room for error. Their surefootedness and capacity to endure makes them a likely candidate in any leadership race. They believe in themselves and consequently so do those they encounter.